Fire Board News and Public Notices

Verde Valley Fire District is governed by a five (5) member non-partisan board elected at large by the registered voters in the District.  Board members are elected by District residents to alternating four (4) year terms so there are at least two (2) members elected every (2) years.  The Board establishes policy, sets the tax rate and approves the annual budget.  As a special district of the State, the Fire District must comply with all applicable Arizona Revised Statutes including Open Meeting Laws.

Your Elected Fire Board Members

  eberle      Ken Bishop                          

Don Eberle - Chairman                       Ken Bishop - Clerk

           Bob Eddingfield  Thomas Rhodes   Quam

      Bob Eddingfield - Member           Thomas Rhodes - Member            Linda Quam - Member

To view Fire Board agendas or minutes from past meetings, please click on the appropriate link below. You can also access this information using the Fire Board News, Notices drop down menu above.

Agendas are posted on the District's website as well as at Station 31 (2700 E Godard Road, Cottonwood), Station 32 (1120 S Page Springs Road, Cornville), at the Verde Village Clubhouse (4855 Broken Saddle Road, Cottonwood), Station 36 (895 1st South St, Clarkdale), the Town of Clarkdale Community Development Building (890 Main ST, Clarkdale). Meetings are held at Station 31.

Statement of Meeting Notice regarding Fire Board Meeting Locations

Fire Board Meetings and Notices

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RECALL of Kidde Fire Extinguishers
The Consumer Products Safety Commission announced a massive recall of 37.8 million Kidde fire extinguishers in the United States. Click here to go to their website to see if your fire extinguishers have been recalled.